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Welcome to Ambar Builders Inc., your trusted kitchen remodeler in Oceanside, CA. Here, the kitchen is more than just a place for cooking; it’s the heart of your home, where families gather and memories are made. Our mission is to create a kitchen that’s beautiful, reflects your lifestyle, and meets your every need.

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Feeling Frustrated with Your Kitchen? Let's Change That!

Are you dealing with a cramped kitchen layout? Maybe your countertops are outdated, or your cabinets no longer cater to your needs. Perhaps the lighting is insufficient, or the design simply doesn’t reflect your style anymore. Kitchens are the heart of the home, but when they’re not working for you, it can be a source of daily frustration.
You deserve a kitchen that’s not just functional but a joy to be in. Whether it’s a lack of storage space, an inefficient layout, or a style that feels stuck in the past, it’s time for a change. Don’t settle for a kitchen that’s less than what you dream of!

Transform Your Kitchen with Our Expert Remodeling Services

At Ambar Builders Inc., we understand the importance of a kitchen that meets all your needs and reflects your style. We are a reputable kitchen remodeler in Oceanside, CA, dedicated to transforming your kitchen frustrations into a beautifully functional space where you’ll love to cook, gather, and make memories.
With our custom remodeling approach, we turn challenges into features that enhance your daily life. We focus on innovative design solutions, from maximizing storage with custom cabinetry to creating open, airy spaces that invite relaxation and entertainment.
Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that your new kitchen will not only look incredible but also stand the test of time. Let us help you create the kitchen you’ve always wanted – a space that truly works for you in every way.
A remodeled U-shaped kitchen, porcelain countertops, tiled backsplash and refurbished white cabinets with recessed lighting

Project Gallery

Explore our portfolio of stunning remodels and witness the transformation of spaces. Each project in our gallery showcases our expertise in kitchen remodeling in Oceanside, CA and commitment to quality and attention to detail.
A remodeled kitchen with wood cabinets, exhaust hood, ceramic countertops, a bar island with stools.
Renovated kitchen with refurbished cabinets, ceramic countertop and a sink with brass faucet
Upgraded built-in kitchen cooktop on a ceramic countertop, a tiled backsplash, blue drawers, and an exhaust hood
Renovated kitchen with refurbished cabinets, ceramic countertop and a built-in cooktops

Our Story

Ambar Builders Inc. began with a vision to enhance how people experience their living spaces. Founded by a seasoned electrician and evolved into a full-fledged general contracting business, we stand today as a testament to hard work, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Ambar Builders Inc.

Empathetic Partners in Your Remodeling Journey

We understand that remodeling is not just about changing spaces but about realizing dreams. We listen intently and align our efforts with your unique needs, ensuring the final space reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Masters of Trends and Timeless Elegance

Our team stays updated on the latest home design trends and understands classic styles’ timeless appeal. Whether you’re looking for a cutting-edge modern look or a traditional feel, we are the kitchen remodeler in Oceanside, CA, who can bring it to life.

Guarantee of a Stress-Free Experience

We know that kitchen renovation in Oceanside, CA, can be overwhelming. We aim to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible. From clear communication to meticulous project management, we handle every detail, allowing you to enjoy the transformation of your home without worry.

Client Testimonials

Read what our clients have to say about their experience with us. Their stories reflect our dedication to delivering dream spaces.
Sarah Budro
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“Alex and his team did an amazing job with our kitchen remodel. They went above any beyond and we couldn’t be happier with their work. Trustworthy, punctual, and we will absolutely use them again for our bathroom remodel! Don’t waste your time trying to find a better contractor.”
John Tucker
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“Alex and the entire Amber Builders team are professional and do an amazing job. Alex and his team helped me complete two remodels on my house. He is reliable, professional, keeps a schedule, and provides professional support, guidance, problem solving. I always like working with Amber Builders!”
Christian Sanford
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“We hired Ambar builders to remodel our kitchen and are very happy with the end product. So happy so that we hired them to remodel our guest bathroom. Their reliability, professionalism and attention to detail are what keeps us coming back.”
Patrick Tamae
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“Alex and his team have remodeled my bathroom, installed my kitchen cabinets, replaced all my doors, installed windows. All of the work has been done very professionally. It has been a great experience working with Alex and his team especially Lazarus and Jonathan.”

Transform Your Culinary Space Today!

Schedule your free kitchen remodeling consultation with Ambar Builders Inc. Let’s cook up your dream kitchen together!

Our Process

Our detailed process ensures your kitchen remodeling project is handled with utmost precision and care:

1. Initial Consultation

We start by diving deep into your preferences and needs. This initial consultation helps us understand your vision for functionality, style, and aesthetic aspirations.

2. Design Phase

Utilizing modern 3D design technology, we bring your kitchen concept to life. This phase allows you to visualize the final look and make adjustments before any physical work begins.

3. Material Selection

The selection of materials is pivotal in defining the look and feel of your kitchen. We guide you through an extensive range of quality materials, helping you find the perfect match that balances aesthetics with practicality.

4. Construction Phase

Our experienced team undertakes the construction with a focus on efficiency and minimal disruption to your daily life. We are a kitchen remodeling company in Oceanside, CA, that adheres to a strict timeline, ensuring the project progresses smoothly and meets the agreed-upon deadline.

5. Final Walkthrough

The project culminates with a thorough walkthrough. This final step is our commitment to ensuring every detail aligns with your vision, delivering a kitchen that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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